Letter to Lucy Frazer MP regarding Dominic Cummings
Letter to Lucy Frazer MP regarding Dominic Cummings

The South East Cambridgeshire Labour Exec has today written to our local MP Lucy Frazer. Following the mass outpouring of public anger regarding the double standard applied by Dominic Cummings, who has been instrumental in drawing up the government’s lockdown guidelines, we ask Lucy to join the 45 Conservative MPs who have publicly called for his resignation.

Here is the text of the letter:

Ref: An open letter to Lucy Frazer MP

29 May 2020

Dear Lucy Frazer MP

We are writing to you as we have been contacted by many friends, colleagues and neighbours who have written to you since Friday when the story first broke about Dominic Cummings making a 520-mile round trip journey to Durham to his parents’ farm with his wife, who was displaying symptoms of Covid-19, and their son. None have yet received a reply from you, nor has there been any comment from you on this matter in the press, and they are feeling understandably angered by this.

Families have made huge sacrifices over the past ten weeks. We know many mothers and fathers, struck down by Covid-19 who have felt like they could barely drag themselves out of bed, but they heeded the messages from the government, immediately self-isolating at home with their children. There was never any suggestion at any time from the government, including the pamphlet delivered at taxpayers’ expense, that if you thought that you might both get struck down in due course and you had no access to childcare then you were free to drive wherever you wanted to obtain that. Grandparents have been desperate to see their grandchildren, to give them a hug, especially ones that have come into the world since lockdown began, but again, they and their children have obeyed the rules. Many have lost loved ones but have been unable to say their last farewells, and indeed many have been unable to attend funerals to pay their last respects.

The anger that we have heard from people has been considerable. They cannot understand how the PM fails to see that he is applying a shocking double standard. He is expecting the nation to stick by the rules during this most critical of phases as the government looks to ease the lockdown. Only yesterday did test and trace begin. However, this requires compliance of people who are identified as having come into contact with anyone who tests positive, putting themselves into self-isolation for fourteen days, even if they have no symptoms. They will not even get statutory sick pay. Don’t you see there is a very real danger that some people will look at what Dominic Cummings did, and how readily Mr Johnson has accepted his excuses, and think well if he thought that his circumstances were exceptional then so are mine? Test and trace is a critical part of ensuring that there is not a second wave of cases. By not sacking Dominic Cummings, we regret to say that the PM is failing the nation by weakening critical health messaging. We genuinely want him to succeed, as he has a critical job on his hands of steering us out of this pandemic. Sadly, we fear that he has just made things even harder for himself by giving the impression that there is one rule for a ruling elite, and another for the rest.

We understand forty-five of your fellow Conservative MPs have now called for Mr Cummings to resign, while many others have written to their constituents and published the response openly, in which they have made it abundantly clear that they strongly condemn Mr Cummings’ actions and made the feelings of their constituents known to the PM and Whips. The people of SE Cambridgeshire elected you as their representative and they expect you to act as such without further delay and publish a public statement as well as respond to what we are sure must be the many hundreds of letters on this matter. If not, the people of this constituency would be justified in wondering what role you play as their representative at all.

Yours Sincerely

Huw Jones (Chair)
On behalf of the South East Cambridgeshire Labour Executive

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